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Revel 2020+ - Front Door Shades (set)

Revel 2020+ - Front Door Shades (set)

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Maintain your privacy and keep the temperature regulated in your van’s cab with our front driver/passenger window covers. The product is sold as a set, containing both a driver and passenger window cover. They block out UV rays, insulate, and reflect radiant heat, keeping your cab cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Key Features

  • We use durable, water repellent, ultraviolet and fire resistant coated-polyester fabrics, meaning your shade will be ready to withstand everyday usage, wear and tear, and life on the road.
  • Our insulative core is custom-made with dual-faced aluminum and XLPE foam, which provides both sound-dampening to maintain privacy and radiant heat reflection so you can regulate temperatures in your cabin more efficiently all year long.
  • Our product design enables full black-out coverage, while graduated fold-lines allow for compact stowing when not in use.
  • Installation is easy, no drilling required. The window covers attach magnetically with the Vanmade Gear label facing the inside of the van.
  • We stand behind all of our products with a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee.
  • Non-warranty returns or exchanges must be initiated within 60 days of delivery of the product.

    Shipping & Returns

    We stand behind all of our products with a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee. You can learn more here.


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    • Total Privacy

      100% Black-out privacy and seal,
      be at ease night or day

    • Thermal Insulation

      Made with non-toxic foam that blocks 97% of radiant heat and UV resistant fabric

    • Compact Design

      Easy to fold up and go,
      compact to store